Glad you made it! Here's what it's all about:

Born from Rock Bottom

The brand was born when I hit rock bottom in my professional working life. It was revealed as my destiny-how could I not listen to it? My destiny has spoken. Now it's time for action.

Professional Bio

I am the creator of the brand. This includes an inspirational website, book (coming soon) and jewelry. I'm a first time entrepreneur. Thank goodness I have a business degree because I'm going to need it to manage all of this. In my previous job life, I learned to live each moment like it's my last from the oncology world I served for many years as a pharmaceutical rep.

It's All for You

My agenda is not hidden--I'm doing this because I want to help even more people than I've helped thus far in my entire life. I can't continue to live on this planet unless I do. I want to help you to be your best, happiest you.

Real Happiness is ...

To me, real Happiness is doing the right thing/what's right, striving to be better and having fun along the way. True Happiness is all of these combined. This is the secret formula for Happiness. I hope you still want to come back and visit this site even though you now have the secret formula.

Our Mission

The purpose of this website is to be your landing page for Happiness, your oasis from life. The goal whether you're having a bad day or even if you're having a good day is to make it even better. The website features inspirational advice for adults struggling with stressful life and work moments. Think of it as your concierge for finding Happiness.